Tuesday, 15 July 2008

SPM English Excellence Seminar, MRSM Muar

Hi everyone!
Today I set out at 6 a.m. to MRSM Muar for an SPM talk. Not knowing the right direction made me rather anxious. Upon exiting Yong Peng toll, I was slowed down by numerous lorries especially in the Parit Sulong area. The continuous rain didn't help either. The talk went well except for one aspect. Down to the last 45 mins a student told me that the module had all the answers in it!! Shocked, I asked the other students whether that was the case. Everyone agreed in unison. Well, the talk had to continue and I think I was happy with it. A short motivational story at the end wrapped the session. I called the Chairperson of MGC Muar and sent two sms. At 5.09 she replied and apologised about the mistake although she gave me a lecture too. All I wanted was an apology or some explanation..well, I got more. Maybe she was too tired or something. Am glad that was the last talk, having done two districts earlier. Been thinking of that second book which has been laid off for a while..
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