Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Happy holidays!

Can't wait for the coming hols. Am going down to Tebrau City to get a new handbag and Hari Raya shopping with the family. You've got to do it early because in Ramadhan, I normally don't have the energy! Kluang is terrible when it comes to shopping. The plaza is a real dissapointment. I sometimes go to BP to do my shopping because you have better choices. I am really looking forward to the hols (more than my students I think!). Let's see what i want to, spring cleaning, gardening, baking, watching movies, reading, balik kampung...hmm should last me the whole holiday...To my students , don't forget your homework girls!!


  1. Happy Holiday !!!

    What about coming to Melaka to do your Raya shopping while sightseeing and at the same time we can meet.

    I would like to change your hubby's point of view into buying you a brand new marble table top. :-)

    Your first step into making all decision about what you are going to do and for how long. And it will all centered around your new found
    Your pet will be the focal point.
    Good luck !!!!

    Fr HH

    ps. Don't forget about my offer to
    meet you in Melaka.

  2. hi m probably going to malacca one of these days but depends on when hubby is free. mom-in-law in malacca.. c how it goes


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