Saturday, 9 August 2008


Guess what? I bought myself a cat today. Well, my daughter actually did, all the way from Segamat. Her name is Kiki, a Persian cat. Only six weeks old with greyish white fur, a brownish black stubby nose and black feet. Really cute! Will upload the photos soon. Cost me RM400 ++


  1. Hi friend,
    Kiki is a cute name for your cat.I am going to get one for my son once I move into my new house.But...I don't really know how to look after a cat.I fear that I may abuse it.

  2. Hi fuzie,
    don't worry. m learning too. btw i tried to leave a comment on your blog but failed. dono why..

  3. Hai Bab,

    Persian cat that cost u Rm400.00, are u nuts or what. !!!!

    It is much easier to adopt a son or a daughter rather than a Persian or a Siamese cat.Don't know the differences anyway.

    It will be cumbersome and lots of trouble. Private doctor what not. Pheeeeww, are u sure you are making a right decision.

    Wait till Raya or long holidays, than only you will realise that you have make a blunder.

    Its suppose to help on your hypertension, but it is not going to help you at all. Believe me.

    Good luck with your new found pet.

    Fr HH

  4. Hi Bab,

    U have done it again, I think.

    Where are all the comments under "Studying again"??

    Terpadam ler gamak nyer...hehehe

    Fr HH aka Peminat

  5. wowww!!! its must be really cute!!! meowww222!!! bring it to smkcc 2morrow. nak picit2 siket that cat.

  6. hi anonymous,
    wish i could!! but it's only 6 weeks. wait till it gets bigger. yes it's really cute!

  7. hi HH,
    thanks for ur comments. ala..positif la skit. my daughter has been wanting a cat for a long time. we'll see how. sori i probably mess up the phd post again hehe

  8. i wonder if i have a cat or even a pet too..
    sadly my dad will uncomfortable with that..

  9. hi syafiq,
    sorry i totally forgot abt ut sms. was rather busy that day. hope uve settled the 'clause' thing!!


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