Sunday, 31 August 2008

Action Research: A real surprise!

Yesterday, I won the District level Action Research competition in High School. A complete surprise as I went there thinking it was only a presentation!! Only half an hour before did I discover it was a competition. You can't beat that! To make matters worse, my new notebook had Windows Vista software which somehow could not connect to the lcd!! Luckily I had a thumbdrive and managed to save the file in another notebook provided by the organisers. Long story eh?

When it got to my turn I was soooo nervous I didn't quite finish what I wanted to say..well hard luck i thought. 15 minutes was definitely not enough..then came question time by the panel of evaluators...lucky me..their questions were not so gruelling as the others. But the PPD had questions too! Anyway, I'll be representing the district at the state level competition in Kota Tinggi in October. Definitely need to improve my slides...too many and simply too much information!! By the way the research is entitled "WORDWISE: Using pictures and explicit vocabulary teaching strategies to improve 5S1 Descriptive Compositions'. I must say 2008 has been quite a year thus far!!


  1. Congratulations !!!!!

    What more can I say.
    District Level,
    State Level,

    then what, National Level I suppose?

    Fr HH

  2. hi hh,
    thanks. let me get pass the state level first..make major changes to my slides and presentation then we'll see how far i can go. wish me luck!!

  3. hurmm..
    gud luck 4 the incoming lvl..

  4. hi syafiq,
    tx as usual i won't do anything about it till the last minute!! Better that way, less stress. hope ur doing ok bro!

  5. Hi. Greetings from MOZAC
    Congratulations. Sounds interesting. I would like to know morw about it. Pls email me ya.TQ

    NB- MOZAC Melaka

  6. hi ija,
    tx. will try to email the research but after my state competition in october ok. remind me pls


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