Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ideas have no protocols

Be wary of people who claim they are open-minded because they are normally not! Recently I had a bad experience in voicing out my mind (upon being coaxed of course). Thinking the listerner was open-minded, I discussed a few things concerning a programme to be carried out. Hence I suggested a few things which I thought were professional pointers. But I left the meeting with a sense of unhappiness. It made me feel that my ideas were unwanted. I've been trained to accept that anyone can contribute ideas and they may or may not be accepted. Fair enough.

Don't ask for ideas if you already have all the answers in your head since you are always thinking ahead of others. A friend once cautioned me- 'You can't show you're cleverer to SH'. Hmm...interesting this.. She said SH will have thought about everything before asking other people. This explains the replies which were forever ready!! You must be really tenacious to be able to do that or simply because you don't have much too do beyond the routine. Must be exhausting to think about every single angle of an issue!! I say, let's voice out and have your say. Ideas do not have protocols!!


  1. Hai Rahmah,

    Saying that about SH is not true at all, since we have been working together for quite sometime now.

    However there are different ways and method to keep your staff into thinking outside of their box.

    It is true when people said that we teachers are a square lot which new nothing more than what we a suppose to teach.

    Teachers are professional, aren't they?

    Fr HH aka Peminat

  2. hmmm...makes me evne more curious about who you are. "since we have been working together for quite some time now"?? interesting comment!

  3. Well,it takes a lot of courage for some people to listen to other's ideas.Adopting one's ideas is thus far more difficult for him or her.Malaysians...opps..sorry to say..are usually reluctant to acknowledge other people's opinion.If you are superior to others in term of position and wealth,your ideas will be very much welcomed.Sometimes people put aside your ideas just because they are threatened by your credibility.But at times we need to look at things from that particular person's point of view.We ourselves are not always right.

  4. yes, can't agree more anonymous


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