Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday's ramblings....

Been some time since I blog eh.. lets see what happened today. My classes went well except 4s2. Really blew my top when the students kept on talking when I was explaining the poem 'If". One girl really made me snap! This is a girls school mind you but they just talk and talk incessantly..and to handle 40 students in the class is no laughing matter. Later at 1 I had est with the ten who are sitting for the paper. A good session I think although they were as quiet as a mouse!! I asked them wether I was too fierce or something, the girls just giggled away...hmm don't know what to make of that. Managed to catch up with my marking- there are tonnes on my table right now!!

Am picking up KA tomorrow at her house. We have a meeting in Teluk Kerang, Pontian. Since I didn't attend the first one I'd better go this time round as the Pengarah will be there to see us. The PPMP module is finally ready and I'll hand it over to Shan tomorrow. Item-building for end-of -year papers will be on tomorrow but I can't be there due to the meeting. Cheers!


  1. hai Raymah,

    Waaa...very busi.
    How come im not that busi.:-)

    U fierce !! Highly unlikely.
    At your uppermost pressure and temper, you still manage to smile with faces all turn red.

    Faces turn red and smilling, come to think of it, you are soo cute.
    Baby face, gitu..:-)

    Fr HH

  2. hi,
    but i can turn into a monster u know..hulk maybe erm..on second thought don't want hulk la too sexy!!


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