Thursday, 30 October 2008

GC Installation Ceremony, Pearl International, 30th Oct 2008

Salam and hi,

Got back from Pearl International KL at 6pm after a nite's stay for the installation ceremony of GC's who were promoted recently. I've got to say how happy the recipients and I were to receive our appointment letters from YAB Dato' Seri Hishamuddin himself. The best part was all of us in the DG52 rows clapped loudly as each and everyone of us went up to shake hands with the minister. Each and everyone of us rejoiced for the other without fail! The feeling was indescribable. There was certainly a celebration of success in the air.76 of us were promoted to DG52 from all over the country. I tuly felt proud and honoured to be among them. Yours truly managed to get Dato's signature!! Might be worth a million in future who knows hehe. Nite everybody.


  1. Hai...teacher
    It's been a long time i do not post any comments for teacher...
    But i did view the blog quite frecuenly...
    Teacher's blog is getting more beautiful and nice_to_look each day...


  2. Congrats dear - share your joy!
    Meng Huat

  3. hi michelle,
    tx for takin gtime to visit my blog. i decided to change the colour completely. glad u like it. m learning every time. nx will try to upload docukents and videos. study hard now will yer!

  4. tx for visiting my blog meng huat!

  5. Hi k rahmah...hopefully it's not too late for me to congrat u. i've been reading ur blog..good job!! Hopefully i can find something here for my thesis..hehe!

  6. hi anonymous,
    thanks but it would be good to know who u are. will try to get some academic and elt stuff later but at the moment i prefer a personal blog..:)tx for visiting my blog

  7. tx meng huat. Sorry i took so long to reply hehe


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