Monday, 20 October 2008

State Level Action Research, Kota Tinggi, 16-18 Oct 2008

Salam and hi to all,

Been some time since I blogged.. hope everyone is fine and doing well. Last week I was in quaint Kota Tinggi for the state level competition. The venue was Mara Professional College, just 6 km form Desaru. It was a long drive but the greenery and the crisp morning made the drive a pleasant one although at some point it seemed endless. The lack of signboards made it a little adventurous. Arriving on the second day at 8.30 a.m, I noticed many young teachers who were either the participants or the audience..felt a little old hehe!! Luckily the participant from SM Tun Iskandar Mersing was rather senior too. Anyway, frankly I wasn't so excited to be there as my mom is ill. My thoughts were with her and if it wasn't because I was representing the district, I would have been in Batu Pahat with her.

However, as God would dictate, I won the secondary category! The feeling was indescribable. Up on the stage, the State Education Director, Tn Hj Sufaat congratulated me and asked whether I had received my promotion letter. It really felt great to receive the trophy from the Director himself (felt like a schoolgirl again if you look at the kind of trophy I won!) My bluetooth connection is experiencing some problems and I dropped my camera during the open house pictures at the moment :<>


  1. salam pn.rahmah..still remember me..4set3 2006..ermm..just wanna wish congratulation to you for the prize..and thank you for your help to make my english better..k see ya and don't 4get to take a view to my blog

  2. salam fairosza,
    of course i remember u. how can i forget!! tx tak sangka termenang!! where r u now? hope ur doing well. keep in touch!!

  3. Hi Raymah
    Hope it is not to late to congratulate u..

    Congratulation to u anyway.

  4. salam pn rahmah..congratulation..!
    cute alwayss..=)

  5. Hai fairosza,

    Nice blog u have it out there.

    You are really into blogging, aren't you.

    Keep on blogging..
    Make teacher, Pn Rahmah, proud of you or perhaps envy you.

    Fr HH

  6. salam izzah,
    tx dear. but you've got to tell me which Izzah u are..i've taught many izzahs ok!!


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