Friday, 21 November 2008

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70 Ways to improve Your English

Here's how to improve your English courtesy of Alex Case.

Use a discussion forum

Taking control of English

Sites for teachers

Study Tips

How to Study


    This is XUEQI., if you still remember me lah., HAHA!! Anyway, just want to drop by and say hi. HEHE. And, thanks for the teachings and guidance throughout the year~ I am sure all of us had really learnt more than just English. HEHE. I hope teacher, you will continue to bring blessing to the school and the schools + ariports as you travel. HAHA!! God bless!!!., and take care!!

    A huge THANKS!!
    We are more than grateful!!

  2. hi que xi,
    of course i remember u. welcome on board!! i must say i've enjoyed teaching all of u. just got back from kl after a one week no...meeting (again??). hehe. work never ends does it? hope you did well in the SPM especially the English paper :) keep in touch!


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