Sunday, 25 January 2009

I co-wrote this book with a colleague in 2007 and currently using it with my students. You can look at a unit of the book in the sidebar. Publishers don't pay you much for workbooks but to have something published with your name on a book is just great, especially if you're a GC! Hope to share other things I've written in future.


  1. it such a great book teacher!!
    i just luv the book^^
    but i still havent finish your homeworks u gave us for this holiday...hehehe :3
    no idea wat to talk about someone who inspired me coz there's really somebody inspired me but its not in reality...its in!

  2. hi fatin,
    well, u still have toda and tomorrow :)

  3. hehe okay teacher!
    n wanna ask about jornal..
    when will we're going to hand in our journals to u?

  4. Hello teacher, nice book. But I'm too old for it. Haha^^ [what a relief!] Oh yar teacher, "The Kite Runner" is so so so long, need nore time for it. Xixi

  5. hi michelle,
    take all the time you need to finish the book. happy reading!

  6. Assalamualaikum Cikgu... Hatta here. SMSJ Batch 1987-1991. Same batch with Zulhairi Ibrahim.. Just to drop by and say hi!

    Nice blog!

  7. salam hatta,
    tx for dropping by.nice of u to still remember me. hope ur doing well. how did u find my blog?


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