Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I could kick myself today for a silly thing that happened in class (4S1) hehe. I only had the last part of si tengggang's context questions to discuss but i ended up typing all the rest and showing only that little bit via lcd..and you know what, my students were soooo nice (or lost too for that matter :)), they were not bothered, amused, or anything at all...hehe funny these girls sometimes- can't tell what they are thinking!! but they are always the ones who keep me happy and sane when things (or people) around you are insane. Thanks girls, you've always kept my spirits high even when the going gets tough at times. btw, deeveeya reminded me of the choc cake..hmm... i must bake this afternoon. a promise is a promise.

The past week was horrid but the past two days was ey okay!! No one to boss you around, no sour faces to stare at, no reverse psychology (which is a trademark of this particular colleague of mine), no apologies to make etc.etc. Just me and myself sitting peacefully and clearing a lot of backlogs...


  1. HI,teacher!
    How are you?
    I was so surprised to receive your comment...So happy^^
    I will take Form 6 in STK.
    School is going to start soon...
    Form 6 is going to be tough...
    So I have to be very very serious...
    Take care,my teacher...
    Erm,you are not old ya...
    Still the one that we all respect...

  2. hey teacher! thx for the choc cake. it's really nice!!!

  3. hi felicia,
    so nice to hear from you. i do visit my ex students' blog sometimes :). it's nive to know how you all are doing. i sure miss all of you. all the best in Form 6! you will enjoy Form 6 I guarantee :)

  4. hi there Qiao Wen,
    it was my pleasure! I hope it was enough for everyone. Welcome to my blog :)

  5. hi,teacher...how come our class no choc cake???haha.....=)

  6. hi chua,
    there are so many requests now i will need an assistant to help me:) your time will come!

  7. ok...teacher...will be patient in waiting for it....=)


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