Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tuesday's Date with PS (BOS Write up)

From the top: I really am proud of my student E Jia Yen
2nd pict: Form 3's turn in March
3rd pict: Puran and I picking names at random
4th pict: Electrifying support from the not so lucky ones!
5th pict: The chosen one- Amilia delivered a speech on 'Boyfriends' which proves what SMCC students can do if given the chance!

Salam and hi to all of you out there. If you happen to stumble upon my blog, do leave your comments. It's really motivating when someone leaves a comment or two. I know some of my good friends and students (x and present) who miss me go to my blog (hehehe) but leave your mark guys! To my students, don't let the fear of English keep you away ok..

Anyway, I'd like to share a programme called 'Tuesday's Date with PS' (not Puran Singh, my KB but Public-speaking. No offence puran:). It's basically a public-speaking programme that has become a hit in my school, SMK Canossian Convent. Since I first came to the school , I noticed the lack of English speaking culture and decided to act on it. Thank God for the support of my panel members- Puran, Dr Rekha, Sarojini and Anand not forgetting my principal, Madam Tan for her enthusiasm! (Ehem..are you taking over madam? hehe) What started as something students really feared has become a hit. I can't forget the screams of support from fellow students when their friends are randomly selected to present a speech on the stage. Bravo girls!! See what you can do? You can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it enough. I didn't say that, Helen Keller did :) The best part is I know that the students have a lot of potential but opportunities must be created for them so they can bloom. Thanks to Mdm Tan for her continuous support!. For details on the programme, click the link Tuesday's Date with PS on top. I wrote it as a Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)write up recently in BM okay. Be patient if it's a bit slow downloading. It's because of the photos dears. Have a productive day!


  1. hello teacher.
    me again.
    the picture.thanks.

  2. wow if every teacher is like you we have no problem at all. the problem is once you are good you will be promoted to kementerian. the end. congratulation cikgu. ex student sms kluang 1978?

  3. hi amalia,
    yes, i have uploaded ur photo. you will now be world famous hehe

  4. hi aminsaim,
    es smsj ss of 1978? wow. that's a long time ago. u must know my neighbour Arbaayah whom i think was from your batch. anyway, thankd for the motivation. everyone needs a little pat on the shoulder once in a while :) welcome to my blog.

  5. hi pn rahmah...i would like to thank u for such a good blog in helping me with good teaching techniques that can be use in my i hope that u can put more info about what we can do in order to improve our students achivements especially in 'ENGLISH' a word that can create such a nightmare in every students of mine...


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