Saturday, 2 May 2009

The pen is mightier than the sword- keep writing girls!


  1. Wow!! Teacher, glad to see our journals being published here. I can recognise mine and few others. Haha^^ So glamorous and fashionable. so sad my journal is quite simple. Haih...

    By the way, just want to tell teacher a good news-- I get JPA oversea scholarship. The course i choose is actuarial science. What a joy-_^

  2. congrats michelle! u deserve it. make sure you do your best ok :)

  3. I will teacher^^

    One more thing teacher, until now, I still find that my vocabulary is quite weak. When I read other blogs, their command of english are really fantastic. WOW!!!

    Got to work even harder...

  4. hi Michele,
    that means you have to read more!!

  5. teacher,i am smsj student spm has become a habit to write a journal as i've done that since form 2

  6. hi miss smiling angel,
    glad to hear that. carry on writing!! where are you studying now?


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