Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Melta Conference 2009

Salam and hi,
Next week Melta Conference will be held in Puteri Pan, Johor Bharu from the 11-13th June. I will be presenting a paper entitled WORDWISE: Using Pictures and Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Strategies to Improve 5S1 Descriptive Compositions. Thanks to the Johor State Education Department for sponsoring me. This is my first presentation in MELTA although I presented a paper in MICELT last year. My paper and four others are being considered for the Basil Wijasuriya Award in the conference. This is certainly great news!

If you are a first timer to MELTA, don't worry! You should enjoy the experience because you always learn new ideas and feel rejuvenated (isn't this what we need as language teachers?) after attending it. There's always something to learn if you keep your mind open. Those who attend conferences frequently may think otherwise but I always learn something from conferences and try them in my classrooms. Besides there are great book exhibitions where you can purchase those hard-to-find books. The only downside is you have to be willing to part with RM350.00 (minus lodging) to attend MELTA which is a small amount to pay considering the benefits.

My proposal for AsiaTEFL has also been accepted and God-willing I will be presenting in Bangkok from 7-9 August. Am feeling a bit apprehensive with the H1N1 influenza scare. However I think opportunity knocks but once so I will most likely be in Bangkok then. Hope to meet many old and new friends in both conferences :) for the tentative programme, click on the title.

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