Sunday, 14 June 2009

SPM Talk in MRSM Batu Pahat, 8th June 2009

Date: 8th June 2009
Venue: MRSM Batu Pahat

On this occassion I was invited to give a talk to 150 SPM candidates. Chau Meng Huat the Head of Department, invited me for the second time and I had a three hour session with the students covering Papers 1 and 2. Thanks very much to Meng Huat, Hasliza and Fairus for the hospitality, not forgetting the lovely bouquet!


  1. salam.
    mrsm batu pahat is just at the front of my residential area..

  2. hi,
    next time muct go to your place then eh

  3. Hai,

    Teacher should be in the construction line.

    So many construction lo.

    By the way, continual improvement is the accent(spelling ok?) and juice of ISO.

    I see teacher Sal somewhere here.
    Nice to see her here.

    Fr HH

  4. hi hh,
    how are you? lama sangat merajuk? hehe. nice to hear from you again. hopw you're doing fine.

  5. Hi again !


    Merajuk !!! Dakk ehhhh
    good ole days..hush..hush

    Your web improve tremendously.

    Im doin' OK.
    Now and then, I remember teacher.

    Fr HH

  6. thanks hh for visiting my blog and rembering me :)

  7. Your talk for SPM in MRSM BPJ was good. Really. But, can you give me tips on the one-word essay?

    -MC of the day-

  8. hi diiv,
    am assuming this is your name. yes i remember u as the mc. hope my talk was helpful. with one word essay you have to be careful how you approach it. For e.g a title such as 'Water' can be written as a factual essay or even a descriptive one. But it's wuite challenging that's why i always encouraged my students to answer stories or descriptive essay. my students tend to answer one word essay as a factual essay and that's where they lose out because they don't have the language for factual essays. hope this helps! thanks for dropping by :)


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