Tuesday, 18 August 2009

State Level Action Research Seminar for KRK Schools 2009

Top pict: Kahar, me and Rosizan
2nd from top: me presenting
3rd from top: selling my ideas
Bottom: kahar receiving his cert

Date: 18th August 2009
Venue: SMK Simpang Renggam, Kluang
Participants: 260 teachers

The state level Action Research Seminar for KRK schools was held today at Jauhar Hall, SMK Simpang Renggam. I was invited to present the action research that I won at the state level last year. This was my 8th sharing session with teachers and principals. It was great to meet Kahar and Roshizan again and to listen to Kahar's 'Jari Mat Malaysia' rsearch where he taught students how to remember the periodic table in Chemistry. I thought it was very innovative! My session went well except for the fact that I had to use a lot of BM as the audience was a mixed group. I hope my BM was okay :) The event was well-organised but the front seats were not occupied. Teachers preferred to sit at the back...this is typical isn't it?

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