Sunday, 25 October 2009

Pasir Gudang Date

Date: 22 October 2009 (Thursday)
Venue: SMK Dato Penggawa Timur, Pasir Gudang

A total of 167 SPM candidates from the district of Pasir Gudang attended this talk as part preparation for their SPM. I obliged as Rocky, the secretary for the district English Panel has asked me three years already :). I don't do many talks- about three to four a year usually but since we have been good friends for a long long time, I agreed to do it. The talk was fine except for my sore throat and the microphone but the students were rather quiet. I had the chance to meet old friends like Hafizah (how confident she is now!) and Jalina (who has been keeping a low profile all this while...) Well, no more Jalina, Rocky will catch you some time. Then I got acquainted with Aratha, the MC, whom I thought was very friendly and lively. All the best to the Pasir Gudang students!!


  1. Assalamu Aleikum
    very nice blog sister raham and I enjoy watching your pictures
    I'm also a teacher >>>I will visit again your blog inshallah
    keep the good work

  2. salam sister,
    thanks very much! welcome to my blog :)


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