Thursday, 19 November 2009

Briefing for Johor State Excellent Teachers (ET)

Date: 17 Nov 2009
Venue: PKG Benut, Pontian

Top: PKG Benut
2nd from top: me in front of the entrance
3rd from top: from left- me, Jayanti and Tg Norashikin
Bottom row- Kalsum and partner from Kluang

All state English Excellent Teachers were called to this meeting and it was great to meet all the new ETs. There are more ETs now and this is a positive development. I overshot to Air Baloi, Pontian on my way here (talk about sense of direction!). On the way, I called dear friend Hood for directions and as usual Hood is always able to steer me to the right direction! Thanks Hood (No. Not Robin Hood). When I reached the PKG, I realised I had been here some 15 years ago. The amazing thing was the exterior remained the same (see first top pic), quaint and all, but the interior was very impressive- renovations were still being done while we were having our meeting. En Shanmugananthan (Principal Assistant Director JPNJ) chaired the meeting and outlined the state programmes for 2010. Also mentioned - the KPI for GCs. Anyway, the expectations are so high I'm not sure I can shoulder them all :(  I pray God gives me good health as I still have 11 years to go and who knows what other curriculum transformations will take place! In this meeting too, the Majlis GC Bahasa Inggeris Negeri Johor was formed and I was appointed the chairperson for the secondary level and Jayanthi for the primary level. Phew! Get ready for more work to come!

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