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Majlis Guru Cemerlang Johor 6th Meeting

Date: 5th November 2010
Time: 8.30-3.00 p.m
Venue: SM Sains Johor, Kluang

The 6th MGCJ meeting was held today. Also present were Pn Haizan from Johor State Jemaah Nazir dan Jaminan Kualiti (JNJK) and En Samsudin Haron, Assistant Director, Johor State Education Department who are coordinating officers for excellent teachers in the state. The issues discussed were:

1. Johor contingent's task as the Committee for Documentation and Video in the upcoming national conference of Majlis Guru Cemerlang Malaysia in Seri Pacific Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur from 21-25th Nov. There will be 226 excellent teachers attending the conference from all over the country. The official opening ceremony will be graced by the Deputy Education Minister, Dr Mohd Puad Zakarshi. Invited speakers for the plenary sessions will be Hjh Serina Saun (Senior Principal of SMK Sains Miri, Sarawak), Dr Sidek Baba (UIA), En Mohd Noh Daipu (Singapore) and Dato Nik Faizah Mustapha (former Ketua Nazir). There will be 16 parallel sessions and I will be presenting a paper too. This will be my third participation in the national conference.

2. Also discussed was the distribution of the MGCM 2010 diaries of which Johor will receive 400 as allocated by the national committee. The meeting also endorsed the formation of standardised bureaus for the state and districts and updating data for all MGCJ members, the MGCJ Roadshow and financial report.

3. En Samsuddin Haron (JPNJ) touched on a very interesting issue i.e the marketability of our students (the lack of it rather) globally. The MOE is concerned about this finding after recruiting a foreign consultant to do a study on the education system. One of the findings was that the curriculum did not focus on creativity and inovation. He further mentioned that Excellent Teachers are the main group of teachers (kelompok perdana) that will be focussed on to spearhead creativity an innovation amongst students. This explains the recent recruitment of many Excellent Teachers by the MOE. The meeting continued at 2.30 but I had to leave for the briefing for Kluang excellent teachers as SMK Taman Kluang Barat.

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