Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First School Assembly 2010

PK1 Hjh Mahizan

The school hall with a brand new coat of paint!-courtesy PIBG

The team

Enthusiastic students back to school

Senior teachers

From left: Mr Cheng (GPK Co curricular) ,Madam Tan (outgoing principal) and Dr Rekha (GPK HEM)

All ears

(Madam Tan at her last assembly with students)

 It was good to see Madam Tan again after the holidays although she is retiring on the 13th January! It was good to have her set the focus of the school and to give us that sense of direction. She did not show any signs of retiring- as energetic as ever! She congratulated students, teachers and staff for the recent PMR results (88% passes, GPS 1.95, 31st in the state). Some pointers in her speech:
  • congratulated teachers and students forthe Anugerah Sekolah Harian Terbaik 2010 award (second consecutive year) in the state (although she was rather disappointed with the drop in the percentage of passes. SMCC has always surpassed 90% in previous years)
  • 34 perfect scores
  • RM200,000 allocation by the ministry for a computer lab
  • 20 near-miss 'gemilang'
She also mentioned the public-speaking programme carried out last year which she hopes will continue. This was her last formal assembly with us and she wished us well. Two farewell stints are in place for her.
She will be missed.
Let's hope 2010 will raise standards in SMCC!

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