Friday, 22 January 2010

Literature Component 2010 Training- PKG Pontian, 19-20th 2010

The Best Group
I'm a friendly ghost!
Rahman and co.
Help! Help! Microphone wire used to tie Crouch & Septic!
Met old friend Roslee
Discussion at work
Group work
Yesss! That's what I thought...
What do you think?
Lord Septic and Crouch in action!

We hit the training trail at our first stop- Pontian. This being our first pit stop, it served as a benchmark to the rest of the sessions later. Our experience in Pontian was flipping fantastic! Teachers were very sporting although a bit shy at first. They really impressed us with their drama performance despite the set up of the room. We managed to get teachers moving and to try 'Gulp & Gasp' and I think they really enjoyed themselves! Azri handled the session fantastically. Our next trail- Kluang! My homeground!!


  1. salam rozaidi,
    duty calls hehe

  2. hi puan rahmah.. i am fariza lokman. i was there during the lit comp in pkg pontian..i had a great time. can't wait to be part of this type of activity again. your crew had done a great job! kudos!

  3. hi there fariza @ casperbaby. thanks hope to bum into you some time!


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