Saturday, 30 January 2010

Literature Component 2010- Kota Tinggi & Johor Bharu

Date   : 26-27 Jan 2010
Venue:  PKG Laksamana, Kota Tinggi - 41 teachers
Date   : 28-29 Jan 2010
Venue : SMK Tasek Utara (2), Johor Bharu - 43 teachers

Poetry in Motion- 'The River'

Me in SMK Tasek Utara (2) Language Room

Boy don't I look tired...
The chocolate cake special I baked for Aisyah & the KT gang..No secret ingredient :)

Johor Bharu was my last training centre for the new literature component. I've been training in four districts since last week and finally Kota Tinggi and Johor Bharu this week. JB was the only centre where I could bring the teachers out to act out 'The River' as the training room was next to this large open space. Although it was rather hot the teachers were sporting enough to carry it out.  It has been a great experience and an enriching one. The teachers were simply splendid!  Now,  time to get back on track with school work :) Thanks to all co-trainers (Azri and Hajariah), teachers, Language Officers from PPD Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Johor Bharu and Pontian (Farid, Mahyudin, Radziah and Hood) for the hospitality and to Pelangi and Setia Emas for the freebies.  A special thanks to Khairiah, a sweet  teacher from the host school who showed me the way to Sri Malaysia Hotel although I couldn't stay for the night after all (silly me left my 'baju kurung' at home!!). All the best to you teachers- be sure to make literature come alive in the classroom!

Johor Bharu District

Kota Tinggi District


  1. waktu tu latihan ni masa tgah berkabung lg ye..
    Semoga Allah merahmati Allahyarham Sultan Johor..

  2. Yes, rozaidi. The course was given the go-ahead as we were dealing with matters related to P & P. Semuga Allah merahmati Allahyarham Sultan yang kita kasihi.

  3. Thank you for training us, the JB teachers!
    Hi!, I'm just wondering, are we suppose to teach all the poems and short stories in form 1? Oh ya, correct me if I'm wrong, all the poems should be taught in Form 4.

  4. hi anonymous,
    yes, that's right. the ones we dealt with in the course.
    form 1- the river, mr nobody, flipping fantastic
    form 4- in the midst of hardship, he had such quiet eyes, QWERTYUIOP, the fruitcake special.

  5. salam...i wanna ask u have any activities or guidance book for writing?i want to make writing lesson more interesting so that the ss can understand it.but i cant find any.can u help me?n 1 more thing.can't we free download the 700 activities book (if im not mistaken)?tq.

  6. hi anonymous. am afraid the 700 activities book does not have free download. i bought it in melta conference. for writing, how about 'writing'-tricia hedge or 'ready to write'-k blanchard & K Root, Longman? the internet is cheaper :)

  7. Salam. Great ideas & practices. Hope plan beyond Johore, meaning northern region. I mean Perlis, kedah, Penang & Perak. All the best. Anwar, SMK Khir Johari, SP, Kedah. Tel 0194589801

  8. salam anwar,
    hasn't your state conducted this course already? maybe u missed it. every state has own ju trained by bpk.

  9. Salam Kak Rahmah. In Penang we haven't had any trainning for the new literature component until now. Really appreciate if you could share / upload the materials for us. thanks.

  10. dear anonymous,
    i will try to upload- the problem is uploading is mighty slow as the file sizes are very big. see what i can do. in the meantime, u can consult your jpn for the modules and ppt.


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