Friday, 26 March 2010

Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon ( 12-22 March 2010) Part 3

Off to Cambridge ( I was punting in River Cambridge back in 1985!)

A university city where people cycle..
King's College, Cambridge University

Khairul (single and available) and I

Souvenir shops in Cambridge

Stratford-upon-Avon below- how it has changed. It surprised me to see rows of shops around this heritage now. It used to be a quaint attraction with only Shakepear's brithplace and his relatives'.
Now it looks like just another high street!!

Shakespear's birthplace

Shakespeare's birthplace

The public library in Stratford

Part of Oxford University in Oxford

High street shopping in Oxford

We had lunch here-fish and chips- not too bad! Better than the one we had at Darlington- that was the worst! How we all sat quietly through dinner that evening looking out into the dim lights. Perhaps the travel agent had chosened the wrong place? The fish and chips back home is much better.

The Royal Observatory

So this is greenwich meridian!! Notice the digital clock on top. More picts below.

Mas and I

The line that separates the east and the west!! I was there!!

( to be continued)


  1. bestnya... i wish i hav the opportunity...

  2. hi rozaidi, insyaAllah one day you will

  3. btw, were u wearing jeans in the pictures?

  4. yes, rozadi. jeans is the best thing to wear in such cold weather-being practical.


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