Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Literature: The Pearl

Kino is a brave and caring father because...
Phei Zee (5RC) with her group
Jia Hwei doing her part
Yih Hwei 'teaching' the class
Groups paste their mahjong papers in class after presenting

My students carried out presentations for 'The Pearl' according to the assigned chapters, themes, moral lessons, characters etc. They also prepared a brochure which was given to all members of the class consisting of the summary of the chapter the important or significant events in the chapter concerned and what they have learned from the chapters.  Although some inevitably resorted to reading, they will gain many benefits by reading the book, selecting the relevant information, writing the important details and presenting the information gathered. It would be such a loss if this activity was not carried out in my literature lessons. In addition, they had the opportunity to play the role of young 'teachers' to teach their own class.

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  1. Dear Madam, how to really ensure students read the text and not just depend on the reference book? thanks :)


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