Saturday, 27 March 2010

London & Paris (12-22 March 2010) Final Part

To summarise the trip - it was simply 'magnifique'!!! No regrets - it was worth the money spent and the friendship created. Looking forward to other trips! They said Australia is next. Although I've been to Sydney and Melbourne, there must be other places we can visit. I hope this will not be the last one.

At the Malaysian Embassy, Belgrave Square, London

Hj Jemale( JPNJ), Datuk Rustam, Deputy comissioner, Malaysian Embassy, and En Shanmuganathan (KPP English Unit, JNPJ)

 Sakit kaki...rehat dulu ...
Oxford Street hasn't changed except for some new stores!!

 You can't miss this one!

The Royal Albert Hall

At St Pancras station, London enroute to Paris
The Kluang gang..all 5 of us! (From left: Azra, Sharmila, Mastura, yours truly and Khoo)

On board the Eurostar to Paris

The Paris mosque
The minaret from our bus..

The opulent Lafayette Shopping Centre smack in the centre of Paris.
Someone bought a 700 euro LV handbag. No not me :)

Eiffel Tower- that brown metal structure that is a must!

Just outside the station for the River Seine cruise

Beautiful weather in Paris- 13 degreess

I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise!

View from the top of Eiffel Tower

Around Paris- drummers showing off their skills

Arch of Triumph- last visit before we left for London again and then home.

The last restaurant where we had lunch in Paris

The Louvre- unfortunately we skipped this as it needed at least 2 hours...

Intan and I

Aida and I in La Pourtre restaurant

Hmm the chocolate tart with custard sauce was irresistable..

From Paris to St Pancras London

Homeward bound. Mrs Wee and I at Heathrow. Thank God we were all safe after the mishap at the escalator!


  1. Wow!! So envious. Really hope that i can visit Paris in future. Haha^^ The scenery is indeed magnificent~


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