Thursday, 22 April 2010

Literature Component 2010 Resources

Some teachers emailed me to say that their states/districts had not carried out the new literature component for 2010. Here are some literature resources that you may find useful (courtesy Curriculum Development Division). The only snag is uploading takes a lifetime!

Form 1
1. The River
2. Mr Nobody
3. Black Beauty
4. Module- Poetry Form 1
5. Module- Flipping Fantastic

Form 4
1. He had such quiet eyes (Bibsy Soenhardjo)
2. Drama
3. Intro to Drama


  1. Salam Pn Rahmah.

    I was trying to access the resource file for Drama on this page but it says "The file link that you requested is not valid." Appreciate it if you can look into this matter. Thanks for sharing your resources! :)

  2. hi wan,
    thanks i will fix it as soon as time permits. sorry for inconvenience!


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