Sunday, 11 April 2010

Teaching Sonnet 18

Have you ever tried getting your students to translate Sonnet 18 (Form 4 Literature) into Bahasa Melayu? You should because the students will be thrilled to try their hands at translating. They really have to show an understanding of the poem to keep to its original meaning. Besides, translation into the mother tongue is hardly used now. From my experience, students enjoy doing something different and they feel that they can absorb better when they are the ones doing the learning. This activity can be carried out as an extension or beyond the text activity. Here's an example from my ex-student (Hazwani Shamsudin, 4set 3, SM Sains Johor, Kluang -with adaptations)

Sonnet 18

Haruskah aku bandingkan dikau dengan musim panas?
Kau lebih menawan dan tidak keterlaluan.
Angin kencang menggoncangkan kuntuman Mei,
Dan musim panas hanya beberapa ketika:
Kadangkala mentari terlalu panas,
Kadangkala sinarnya redup,
Sesuatu yang cantik itu kadangkala tidak kekal,
Lalu musnah mengikut perubahan semulajadi
Tetapi kecantikanmu abadi, takkan hilang
Tidak mungkin ditelan masa atau hilang di mana-mana:
Malah maut juga tidak mampu merampas kecantikan mu.
Kecantikanmu jua kekal abadi.
      Selagi mana manusia boleh bernafas atau bisa melihat,
      Selagi itulah kecantikan mu kekal abadi.

Well, I'm sure your students can do better. Try it and let me know. Knowledge will remain stagnant unless there is sharing. Have a productive day ahead!


  1. teacher..i just saw my name..!!
    wahh,so proud la..!! (^.^)

  2. hi anonymous! hehe i still keep ur work u know..hazwani or izwan or?? real name please.

  3. wow.. can't believe it... the poem..
    is that really mine??
    almost forgot that i did that... huhu

  4. hi hazwani,
    uv forgotten all about it eh.. i still have it. hope ur doing well.


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