Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lesson Plan: Using modern songs in the classroom

How about some variety eh? Even teachers get bored with the same mudane activities :) Chui Ling's comments in her journal last week is also food for thought - 'today's lesson is the most boring of all...'(hehe I deserve a medal) But seriously girls, sometimes your class is sooo moody. You can be hyperactive one moment and plain passive the next..besides the mid-year exam is just around the corner. Well, in response to your request, I will use the following songs tomorrow.

1. Thank you (Dido)
Focus:  i) intensive listening ii) opposites iii) prepositions
2. Lemon Tree (Fool's Garden)
Focus:  i) ryhming pairs ii) simple present and present continuous

Meanwhile, am still working on the MICELT presentation in Equatorial Hotel Melaka next week. Hope to catch many friends in the conference!

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