Sunday, 9 May 2010

MICELT International Conference 2010

MICELT 2010 will be held from 11-13th May in Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. I will be presenting my latest  action research in the conference. Here's the programme upload. Hope to see many friends there.


  1. All the best in your presentation, Kak Rahmah!

  2. oooo thanks fazleen! just what i need. finished my slides at 6.30 p.m!! and the other slide for assembly presentation tomorrow too. Allah is so kind to me-Alhamdulillah. my hm is asking me to speak in the afternoon assembly as well :(

  3. Hey Madam Rahmah,

    What was your presentation on? Paper or Classroom Best Practices?

  4. hi darsh,
    it was a paper on an action research i conducted.

  5. That's great! Would be nice to be able to read your action research for those who did not attend the Conference like me =)

    A humble request : If you don't mind, could you upload your paper for us all to have read? Sure would be beneficial for all teachers! =)



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