Thursday, 8 July 2010

My Newspaper Story

With my students' permission, I'm uploading their photos on the activity we did yesterday. This was a double period lesson on 'My Newspaper Story' in 5S1. You were awesome girls! Here are some notes on the lesson:

Focus: Listening-speaking, writing, creativity
Duration: double period
Materials: newspapers, marker pens mahjong papers, masking tape, scissors, glue
Group work orientation
1. Put ss in groups of 5-6.
2. Give each group a newspaper, mahjong paper, marker pen, scissors and glue.
3. Groups choose, cut and paste pictures that they like (5-10 pictures).
4. Groups create a story based on the pictures.
5. Group reps tell story to the whole class.

Top pict: Jia Hui and her group
2nd from top: Winnie and her group
3rd from top: Mei Xin and company
4th from top: My story in progress
5th from top: Poh Yee and her story
3rd from bottom: Jia Hui, the master storyteller :)
2nd from bottom: After the presentation, display on class walls
Bottom: Qiao Wen, cooking a story

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