Saturday, 3 July 2010

Professional Development Course, Segamat

Date: 1 July 2010 (Thursday)
Venue: SMK Sri Kenangan, Segamat

Young teachers rejuvenate me and I love to be around them! This opportunity presented itself when I ran a half-day course on assessment in Segamat district today. The long journey was all worth it as I was met by a group of about 50 enthusiastic teachers. I was impressed with what they accomplished. Pleased to meet GCs and trainers, Girija, Ngiam and many others. Thanks to Faizah (secretary of Segamat English Panel) for the invitation- the presence of a microphone would have been great though wink wink!). Driving to Pasir Gudang  for the MGC Johor convention after the talk was a different story altogether..rain and thunderstorms, falling trees and lamp posts on the road in Chaah and Yong Peng. Traffic was at a crawl...a big branch actually landed on my wiper but luckily it didn't stay there. I thought of pulling over by the roadside but there were just too many trees. What if they were struck by lightning? I plodded on to Pasir Gudang confidently and arrived safely late in the afternoon only to find out tea was not provided :). Well, the next best thing to do was to check in and take a nap before the night session. I did just that :)

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