Sunday, 25 July 2010

SPM Talk in SMCC

Date: 21 July 2010
Time: 2-4 p.m.
Venue: Block B, SMCC

Today I gave a talk on SPM English to the students from 5P1, 5P2 and 5S2. 66 students attended the two-hour talk.  My own classes were excluded as I had imparted all the necessary during class lessons. It was a really hot afternoon but the students were great and attentive. All the best in your upcoming trial girls!! May God be with you!


  1. salam puan rahmah. My name is Azliza. Congrats! I think your blog is a wealth of information. It shows your passion in teaching. I am currently doing a research on teaching practices by GC. Can I contact you further?

  2. salam,
    thanks and welcome to my blog. can you give me more information on the research. u can email me at


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