Sunday, 10 October 2010

Grammar and Vocabulary Module for Average and Slow Learners

Date: 9 Oct 2010
Venue: PKG Kluang

Fifteen teachers sat together to brainstorm and build two modules for use in 2011- Hafiz, Fuziana, Atifa, Komala, Nirmala, Kavitha, Azura, Izzuan, Muzaffar, Rose, Nurhazirah, Fariha, Rafkah, Farhan and yours truly. We collectively decided to build a module on grammar and vocabulary with a test item after every unit.  The modules are meant for average and slow learners in which we will control the structures to suit the levels of the target groups. We hope to train teachers to use the modules next year and also to collaborate with PKPSM to publish the modules for Kluang district. We are also considering publishing them under Panel Perunding Mata Pelajaran (PPMP) for the state. Thanks to En Mahyudin, Language Officer  PPD Kluang and all! I shall oversee the editing with Fuziana (GC from SMK Simpang Renggam) in November.

The Vocabulary group under me

The Grammar group under Fuziana


  1. salam Ms Rahmah.It's me again..really interested about this module and course.Unfortunately we don't have 1 in our state. Is it possible if I can get a copy of this module.I'm willing to pay how much it will cost for the sake of my students.Hope to hear yr respond..Tq ahmad

  2. salam ahmad,
    the module is not ready yet. editing will be done in november and i think we will publish next year. thanks for your interest.

  3. Is the module available now Mdm? I really love to have a look & if possible i would like my students to have it.thank you.

  4. dear anonymous,
    thanks for ur enquiry. am afraid it's still not ready. if it is ready, i will still need permission from ppd kluang.

  5. Dear Mdm. Rahmah,
    I'm an English teacher. I'm interested in the module but we don't have such module for slow learners. Is the module published?
    Would you mind to share with us. Thanks.

  6. bi biteeng,
    thanks for ur query. unfortunately we still haven't edited the module. the ppd will decide if we can share that with others later i guess.


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