Monday, 14 February 2011

District Action Research Panel Meeting (1)

Date: 14 Feb 2011
Time: 2.30 p.m.
Venue: SK Bandar Lelaki, Kluang

I was ten minutes late to this meeting after battling the traffic jam (yes, traffic jam in this small town). The meeting was chaired by Tn Hj Shaharudin Basri Ibrahim (Principal of SMK Sri Lalang) who is heading the Action Research District Panel beginning this year. We had a stimulating and fruitful discussion although it ended up rather late. I'm not too concerned about long meetings if it achieves its goals. I like the way it was handled- plenty of opportunity was given to members to air their views without being hampered by time. The following decisions were made:
  •  '1 guru 1 kajian' concept will remain
  • each school to submit 4 researches -one from each department
  • a seminar for primary and secondary schools will be held
  • briefing for school  Action Research secretaries
  • Action Research courses will be school-based
  • District level Action Research seminar- July
  • State level Action Research seminar- Oct

District Action Research Panel- Tn Hj Shaharudin Basri Ibrahim

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