Saturday, 19 February 2011

In the Midst of Hardship (Latiff Mohidin)

Today I had a 'Scribe and Messenger' activity in the library with 4PD. The girls shocked me by pulling out the information from the wall at first!! Hmm...perhaps my instructions were unclear. However, the activity went well and the winning group will receive a bag of chocolates on Monday :) Here's how it was done"
  • paste strips of information on the poet around the class. Use bright papers.
  • put ss into groups of 3-4
  • appoint a secretary for each group
  • give the task sheet and messengers look for information from the strips. They inform the secretary and the secretary write it down
  • allocate twenty minutes for the activity
  • the first group to finish hands the task sheet to the teacher. However the winning group is not necessarily the fastest. The winner is the group that has the most correct answers. 
You can find this activity in the module prepared by CDC. Go to 'Literature' tab above to download the module. Happy teaching!

    The messengers looked for info and tells the secretary

    Hide information on the poet anywhere you like!

    The secretary writes the information in a task sheet
    I found another one!
    Cut the information on the poet into pieces

    The groups' task sheets- a bag of chocs for the winning group!

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