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Majlis Guru Cemerlang Negeri Johor (MGCJ) 1st State Level Action Research Competition 2011

Date: 3 March 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 8.30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Venue: SM Sains Johor, Kluang

En Norazrin Amirhamzah, JNJK MOE
Finally, the planned Action Research seminar took place today. Majlis Guru Cemerlang Kluang played host to this maiden action research seminar for the state. The objectives of the seminar were to :
  • promote research as a culture amongst GCs
  • encourage academic writing
  • identify problems in ss learning and ways to overcome the problems
  • share knowledge and expertise
The seminar was attended by En Khair (JPN Johor), En Norazrin Amirhamzah (JNJK, Ministry of Education, Johor GC Coordinator) and about 80 GCs fom Kluang. Ten districts sent their representatives for the primary and secondary categories. The evaluators were:

Secondary Category
  • En Yap Poh Lai (Muar)
  • En Norazrin Amirhamzah (JNJK, KPM)
  • En Khoo Khai Boon (Johor Bahru)
Primary Category
  • En Mohd Yusof Mohamed (JPNJ)
  • Tn Hj Abdul Kahar Ismail (Pontian)
  • Tn Hj Solehi Mansor (Kota Tinggi)

Winners list:
Secondary Category
  •  1st: Segamat (Pn Sia Peng Yee, SMJK Seg Hwa)
  • 2nd: Kluang (Pn Che Hasnah Nuh, SMK Spg Renggam)
  • 3rd: Batu Pahat (Pn Hajah Hairani Razali, SMK Seri Gading)
Primary Category
  • 1st: Pontian (Pn Noorjannah Mohamad, SK Belokok)
  • 2nd: Kluang (Pn Maimunah Juraimi, SK Seri Intan)
  • 3rd:  (need to confirm)
Hj Jalil Satari (PPD Kluang), representing  the Director
The seminar was officially closed by Tn Hj Jalil Satari, PPD Kluang, official representative of Johore State Education Director. Hj Jalil stressed on the importance of action research as a culture rather than a task amongst GCs and the fact that the SKPM emphasises innovation and creativity in order to get a score of band 6 in teacher's evaluation. He urged all GCs to think of variety in research (there were too many using acronyms) and to play an active role in the transformation process taking place in education.

My take on the seminar:
  • Research issue- One particular action research caught my attention in that it did not deal with a significant issue/problem that warrants a research. If you intend to teach your ss how to convert years to century vice versa, you just have to show them some examples! There is no need for a research. One of the criteria for action research is the issue must be a significant one and for a subject such as History, there are many more significant issues such as why ss find it hard to memorise facts, why ss are not able to elaborate their answers, the use of graphic organisers to break down facts, note-taking in History etc. etc.
  • The use of acronyms- Many used was as if an action research must have acronyms or probably only a strategy to make it attractive. One research used an acronym that was negative despite all the researcher's good intentions!
  • Presentation skills- 85% of the presenters need to polish their presentation skills. The slides were cluttered with too many words and please, don't read your slides... You might as well ask the audience to read them themselves. Have a maximum of 6 lines to your slide with bigger fonts. Stand when you are presenting. One presenter coolly sat down throughout her presentation! Make sure the flow of your presentation is clear. Some were very complicated. Use about 10-12 slides for a 15 minute presentation.
  • Commitment- much needed commitment from all Kluang GCs particularly the appointed committee members. I arrived at 8.00 a.m. to find the hall empty except for Ismail Yon (MGC Kluang Chair), Roshizan and one or two others. We couldn't start the briefing of judges and presenters on time because they were either late or not instructed to proceed to the briefing room. I was fumbling with my mobile to get in touch with the relevant committees. Roshizan managed to get her friends to be timekeepers in the nick of time. The lack of coordination resulted in a briefing room that was almost furnitureless and only two reports handed in by some presenters despite the four required. Hjh Roshizan and I played the welcoming committee as well because the welcoming committee was nowhere to be seen!!! We practically chauffered the VIP to the dining hall for breakfast and they tagged us to the briefing room too. The VIPs waited in the briefing room and listened to the briefing too! Am tired of  playing dear GC friends...please...forget your DG for a while. Get your hands dirty and get to work!
  • Documentation- there was a suggestion from the evaluators that the softcopy and hardcopy of the reports be distributed. 
It is one thing to claim credit  for a job well-done, it's another to do a job to impress...By all means, take all the credit you want but please do a good job first. I was made the advisor of MGC Kluang and I'm doing just that- ADVISING :)

p.s Thanks to Roshizan for helping me. We had a great time despite the madness :)

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