Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Teacher Talk 16: Making them love English

Here's an email I received some time back. Any suggestions for this teacher? Please feel free to give your suggestions.

Salam. Im teaching in SMK ***( a rural school)...Students Population are mostly Iban. English is totally alien to them, in other words,it wud b their 3rd language. Trying to make them love English Language is a difficult task. To pass them in PMR n SPM is sometimes quite impossible task. Sigh. My boss always mentions dat English is THE KILLER subject....Sometimes, I do feel demotivated coz with tight budget to buy good n interesting books or teaching aids...I cant do much...So the only thing I do is go on line n find some good stuff to use for my P&P...Hopefully my effort worth it...Insyallah....Keep on sharing your ideas with us ,k...thanks

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