Wednesday, 13 April 2011

National Level Teachers' Debate: Zone C

Date: 11-13th April 2010
Venue: Segamat

Just got back from Segamat for the teacher's debates competition. Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang competed at the Zone C level of the National Teacher's Debate Competition. This year saw the debates split into zones first. Tn Hj abu Talib (KPP Bahasa Melayu), JPN Johor chaired the meeting. Madam Audrey Lim from IAB chaired the adjudicators' meeting for English.

Adjudicators and Secretariat

Tn Hj abu Talib (KPP Bahasa Melayu) JPNJ charing the meeting

Team managers

Semi-finals- Terengganu won against Kelantan

Presentation of souvenirs

Terengganu- the winning team to enter finals


  1. Salam Teacher Rahmah,

    How I miss the good old days,debating and travelling meeting new friends from other SBPs..I am so following this blog teacher..keep it up!

    Just want to share with all the readers,
    I am currently doing part time teaching in KL. I teach english, the reason being is, I don't want to loose the skill, want to keep improving and explore more about the language. I am not born in a family where English is the main language used, but with the passion instilled by you guys (Sir Adnan, Teacher Rafidah and yourself,Teacher Rahmah)I have found English is fun..Whoever say English is hard to learn, they're wrong. English is not like science; it is not something thats evolving with time..agree?=)

    Anyway Teacher Rahmah, It would be good if you could write a book about your journey in life..all the experiences in teaching and etc. I am sure many of us would want to read it!=)

    SMSJ-english class set 1.

  2. dear hazwani,
    how nice to hear from u! am glad ur doing part-time teaching english. yes, language evolves. how true. me writing a book on my journey? sounds good ya hehe but i wonder which publisher would want to publish it..thanks for the idea. i will give it a serious thought :) meanwhile be a good teacher ok. tc

  3. Good day Ms Rahmah,

    While surfing the worldy wise web (or youtube to be precised), I came across a choral speaking video and all of a sudden I remembered you. So, I really want to share this really good video to you.

    Hope you enjoy it!



    p/s sorry for the poor use of english (-_-")

  4. thanks anonymous @ katak,
    why katak? i've used the video in training actually. am glad u found it!


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