Thursday, 26 May 2011

MGCJ Convention 2011

Date: 24-26th May 2011
Venue: Damai Laut Resort, Kota Tinggi

The convention this year took place in Damai Laut Resort- all expenses paid by GCs themselves. As a matter of fact, we have been paying all the expenses for the past three conventions. Syabas to all GCs! We received a lot of input from invited speakers. Everything was perfect except for the AGM which was a damper  (not worth writing about here) and the poor accommodation. There were cockroaches in my room and bathroom. Luckily my super roommate (Ust Hasnah) disposed them all swiftly. Frankly, the rooms are not fit for use- soiled carpet, dusty lampshades, dirty bathroom, etc (i was sneezing by the second day). That stale smell lingered all day long...

Professionally speaking, there is a need to raise the standard of MGCJ conventions. We need more academic presentations. Since this is called a 'persidangan', papers would be what you would have expected. However, we had a lot of input about what the higher ups expected of us and I mean a lot! It wasn't easy just sitting and absorbing the input... I developed backache on the second day...well, just my luck. I was hale and hearty and enthusiastic when I started! The talks were:
  • Integriti GC Dalam Pendidikan (Pn Tg Azuana Mohamaed, Penasihat Sekolah Amanah)
  • Peranan GC Dalam Membantu Kecemerlangan JPNJ (Tn Hj Ramli , KSA, JPNJ)
  • Keynote Address: En Mohd Nor Ghani (Director, Johor Education Department)
  • GC Pemangkin Kecemerlangan (Tn Hj Zakaria Yusof, Ketua JNJK, Johor)
  • GC Penjana Kecemerlangan , (Tn Hj Hassan Topit, Pengetua Cemelang, SM Sains Kota Tinggi)
  • Closing Ceremony officiated by YB Datuk Dr Adham Baba, Pengerusi UniKL, ADUN Pasir Raja)
For future conferences, perhaps the committee can invite GC's to present papers that are academic in nature as you would find in conferences. This will definitely get GCs to learn how to research and present papers.

All in all, a well-organised event. Congratulations to MGC Kota Tinggi.

Me, Che Hasnah, my roommate and Roshizan
Tengku Azuan- Advisor to Trust Schools
Input on Trust Schools

Azmi, Yahya and Shukor....looking smart!

Yours truly...
Tn Hj Zakaria, Head of Johor Inspectorates

~the thinking teacher~

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