Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Lesson on Friendship

My lesson for tomorrow in 4S1 will be on the theme of friendship. This is a must and I conduct  it without fail every year. But I always do this in mid-term when the bond of friendship in the class has somewhat been established. This is how I plan to conduct the lesson:


1. Intensive listening  
2. Vocabulary on friendship   
3. Values - friendship


1. CD player with song 'You've got a friend' (Yeah yeah, I know this is an old song, but hey I must have been in lower sec when I learnt of this song. A lot more meaningful and sensible than the present head banging songs which mean God knows what!! Besides let the young ones listen to oldies but classics once in a while..)
 2.  Gapped lyrics task sheet.
 3.  Blank memo papers and envelopes with each students' name on it.


1. Write some words from the lyrics on the board. E.g.s down, troubled, eyes, call, clouds, door, cold, hurt, name. Get students to guess/predict what the song is possibly about. (You'll get all sorts on interesting answers).
2. Play the song once or twice and while listening, students fill in the missing words from the song.
3. Discuss the answers to the blanks and get the whole to read the lyrics together aloud.
4. Group work- put students in groups of four and  give them the following tasks:
  • discuss and list out the top five qualities of a good friend and five things good friends don't do
  • complete the statements - Friendship means..., A good friend always...., A good friend never...
5.  Get each group to mention one quality and make a list on the board. Make sure different qualities are listed on the board. Do a quick tally to rank the list. Get responses to the three statements given orally too.
6.  Finally, give students plenty of paper and let them dedicate something nice to their friends ( I Like You slip activity I posted earlier). They put the slips into the relevant envelopes for their friends to read later.
7. If your students give you permission, pick some slips at random and read them in class.
8. You can join in by having an envelope with your name too!

Try it and share your experiences!

~the thinking teacher~


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