Sunday, 14 August 2011

Farewell SMCC...

Date: 10 August 2011

My last day in SMK Canossian Convent..Thanks to Hjh Mahizan, Dr Rekha, Mr Cheng Meng Ang, senior teachers, colleagues in the English panel,  friends and students not forgetting Madam Tan Tong Yar (former principal) for her kindness and guidance. Thanks to my students in 4S1, 4PD and 5S2 and ELDSS committee members. I hope all of you will excel in your studies and may your future be bright. May SMCC be even more successful in the future! I have but many happy memories to treasure...


Goodbye seems to be the hardest word...4s1


  1. Hi ,
    Thanks for your thoughtfulness , I appreciate being mentioned .
    Wow! a brand new SCHOOL , do I see a happy smile upon your face ? Here is me wishing you happiness as you get started in the new workplace .May all your kindness return to you in the same beautiful way it was offered to the school ( & I included ) .
    Time is made of many captured moments and I hope that you will bring along those sweet moments with you as gifts to be treasured .
    Keep in touch & all the best !

  2. I can see that you are much loved by your colleagues and students. All the best in your new school.

  3. thanks madam for your kind words. time to start afresh and touch more hearts :)
    carpe diem!!

  4. tx sintaicharles for ur good wishes :)

  5. sit vis vobiscam!

    veni , vidi , vici !

  6. i had to surf the internet to know the meaning of t first one madam... not a latin expert am afraid :)

  7. I am no expert myself ! Just try to show off since you ended with "carpe diem "


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