Monday, 15 August 2011

Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Berkesan, Buah fikir GC, MDK Publications

I just received the author's copy of the latest book by MGCM with RM100 as honorarium for my article. It's not much but the satisfaction of having something published is rewarding enough. There are altogether  32 contributions from Excellent Teachers nationwide on various topics. My article was on the public-speaking programme carried out as an innovation in my school (Tuesday's Date With PS). I was rather disappointed about some typo errors though..


  1. Salam.

    How do we get to order books produced by MGCM as it is somehow difficult to find them at bookstores? TQ

  2. wassallam, i think it's available in bookshops or if u have a gc friend, you can always order through him or her. normally gcs buy them through their majlis guru cemerlang.


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