Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In the Midst of Hardship- a reconstruction activity

Hi all,
It's been some time since I posted anything to do with best practices, so here goes... This was something I carried out in 4 Bukhari two weeks ago. I don't have a name for this particular activity (perhaps 'reconstruction'?) but it really did require my students to creatively reconstruct the poem by Latif Mohidin as they understood it. What I did was type the poem continuously without any punctuation and got students to work out the poem's lines and stanzas based on their understanding of the meaning of the poem. On top of that they had to punctuate and reconstruct the poem into stanzas. But of course, you must ask the students to close their textbook while doing this activity. As a follow up, call some groups to read the poem. It was interesting to note the different versions the groups had. A gentle reminder..this was a pre-reading activity or an 'appetiser' if you like before you delve into the poem. Try it and your feedback is welcome!

The Thinking Teacher


  1. salam puan. welcome home from your vacation (korea/vietnam). i like this idea. did u do this activity in pre-reading?

  2. wassallam nuha,
    korea and vietnam was great :) yes, this was the pre-reading or 'appetiser' if you like before we delved into the texts. my students' reaction was a bit disappointing though hehe..aloof and indifferent..maybe they need to start getting used to my style of teaching :)


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