Thursday, 19 July 2012


Date: 7 July 2012 (Saturday)
Venue: SM Sains Muar, Johor/SASEM

Been missing for a while...don't I miss blogging!

As part of its internationalisation programme, Samura (SM Sains Muar) invited me to conduct a public-speaking workshop for 19 students. It coincided with my school's first sports day but since Hida (the head of panel) had asked me months ago, I couldn't turn it down. I had a great time trying things with the talented students form Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia although at the back of my mind, I kept thinking of how Tuanku Hisamuddin's house was performing... After the heavy rain on the highway and one gory accident en route to Samura, I arrived thirty minutes earlier. The workshop lasted about two and half hours. Thanks for the invitation Hida, Zubaidah and the English Panel. The 'mee bandung' Muar was good Zubaidah, thanks and I had a great time :)

After the workshop yours truly broke all traffic laws by speeding home (am sure I will get a ticket just before Raya) just in time for the prize-giving ceremony. Alas, Hisamuddin was runner-up but I was so proud of them nevertheless. The main thing was we worked as a team and teacher-student bonded. I love these kids- all of them. Congrats and a job well done to Fitri@Ustadz, the captain ,all committee members- Syafiq James, Azamuddin, Daniel, Norazwan, Ikhwan, Hidhir, Setia Perkasa, Izzati, Farzana, Ummi, Anis, Atiqah, Lissa, Athira, Hazirah, Iskandar aka BONZER, Izzuddin, Hanif, Danial (4 Bukhari) and many more, teacher advisors (Syamsul- House Master, Azhar, Ema, Fariha). By the way, we won the march past and we were thrilled to bits!

our house :) despite the rain and mud..I love the sun guys!! thanks to Bonzer for the photo :)

The Hisamuddins had lunch in style- KFC!!  minus me (S.E.N.T.A.P- an expression I just learned from Izzati, 4 Syafie) hehehe...By the way I love the sun! It's pretty and attractive but sadly we didn't win "Hiasan Rumah Terbaik" sob sob sob :'( For the record, Hisamuddin amassed 14 gold medals, 13 silver and 13 bronze). I'm proud to post that Ikhwan from 4 Syafie was the best U18 athlete despite my disappointment that he had spent the previous night with other Hisamuddins decorating the tent till God knows when...small wonder that he lost the second gold medal that was rightly his the next day! And the fact that Azhar was right there with him that night did little to change anything. Bah!!!

Tuanku Hisamuddin 2012

However, Ikhwan did break the 100 meters record clocking 11.2 secs. WELL-DONE! And congrats to the U15 boys for winning the best team for the U15 category. In addition, Zulhimi Hamidi (2 Khaldun) and Arif (2 Khaldun) won three gold medals each. Well-done boys! Congrats too to the boys for winning the Boys Category team award.And yours truly kept her promise to award the gold medallists with RM10 each :)

Alas, the Sports Day is over, our very first...I will make sure I'm around the next time.
I thought our flag looked really nice :)

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