Friday, 26 October 2012

Letter in a bottle for teachers...

What I'd really like to do today is to get back to my herbalife routine and the gym!! What after four days of hotel just binged without thinking because all your friends were eating! There are also the scripts to finish, something I shoud've done two weeks ago. 'Shoud've' is an elusive word because I will not be in the state that I am now if all the shoud'ves were addressed...some people never learn...Well, to be honest, there just wasn't time in Shah Alam- sessions lasted till 10.30 p.m. It shouldn't be a problem anyway. I only have paper one to deal with. Read about a nine-year-old boy who found a French letter in a bottle in Yahoo this morning...oo la la! Just the kind of thing I'd like to do. Write something for teachers and the teaching profession, snuff it in Habhal's 500 litre bottle and hurl it by Port Dickson beach or something and hope it will land in another part of the world (perhaps the Caribbean) someday...peppered with some wise words and a tip or two for teacher-wannabes :) Well, before I get overboard, time to get to work! 

Eid Mubarak everyone :)

The Thinking Teacher

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