Saturday, 29 December 2012

First Teacher's Meeting in SASEM

Date: 27th Dec 2012 (Thursday)
Venue: Meeting Room 1

Our first back to school signal! First teachers' meeting with 45 teachers and two new senior assistants. Welcome to En Kifli Mohammad, our new PK1 and En Mazlan Sariyed, PK Kokurikulum! To be honest, I'm still in renovation mode and I feel like crying because school term is commencing but house renovation is still on...

Principal En Mohd Noh chairing the meeting. On his left is
En Kifli (PK1) and on his right is En Mazlan (PK Koku)

teachers ready to embrace 2013!

absorbing all...

I've been given two major responsibilities: Coordinator of Excellence Programmes and Coordinator of Internationalisation Programme. Alhamdulillah, I can now make strides in the responsibilities entrusted to me with the new senior assistants. 2012 was a waste of my time- total block in communication and progress :) Indeed God is truly fair in His judgement. He knows what is best for us. SASEM can now look ahead and chart its own history. Ahoy captain! Full speed ahead! May Excellence be yours SASEM in sya Allah.

The Thinking Teacher

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