Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Power of Drama (2) : The Scapegoat, SBP Southern Zone Drama Competition

Date: 6th April 2013
Venue: SBPI Selandar, Melaka

Although the drama team did not win anything, I'm so proud of them! We went through a lot to pull this through and I only have praise for their commitment and dedication. Well-done! Mariana (KB Bahasa) and I
drove to Selandar just to watch them perform. We stopped by JJ to get some food for the team- cakes,
biscuits, drinks. Iman was pleading for food the night before so...Now they are thinking of the state level competition but rumour has it that it's on May 11th. Unfortunately it clashes with the mid-year I believe they have some decision-making to do. I also had a great conversation with one of the judges (Zairul) and he pointed out how we can improve. He was very helfpful indeed!

The cast and crew definitely deserve mention:

Manager: Muhammad Afiq Hafizzuddeen Isam
Director: Amirul Amin Muhammad Daud
Audio and Lighting: Zainulariffin Affan Zainul
Potographer and Brochure: Muhammad Syazwan Jaafar
Props: Muhammad Ikhwan Yahya/ Muhammad Azammuddin Mohd Norman

Sultan Mansur Syah (Muhammad Nor Hakim Jawahil)
Hang Jebat (Syagiq Osmera)
Kirana (Nuralissa Jaslin Jasni)
Princess Hang Li Po (Nazurah Mohammad)
Seri Lela Wangsa (Fathin Syakila Johari)
Tun Pepatih Putih (Aliaa Nabilah Abdul Mutaali)
Si Putum (Wan Iman Nur Hakim Wan Hishamuddin)
Dancers: Rosini A/P Palanisamy Lingam/Taranisha A/P Vijayan

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