Saturday, 4 October 2014

What do we need modules for?

Hundreds of modules have been produced by PPDs, JPNs and individuals to help students excel in public examinations. Sometimes one wonders the effectiveness of these modules. The truth is there is no one perfect module. It's all up to the teacher to adapt what they are given. Here's one built in 2008 by PPMP, Johor Education Department. Click on the image or you can also go to 'Modules' on top to download.

Happy teaching cikgu!

Those who can Do Those who can do more TEACH


  1. I can't agree more with you on the modules. In fact I sigh with regret when I read about the great changes in Malaysian education system. I belong to the old school when the likes of Shakespeare, Dickens, Oscar Wilde etc ruled the day - none of the great Malaysian writers for English language! Our neighbour down south keeps herself close to the old Cambridge system and standard, for which their two universities are ranked among the top in the world and we, struggling to be at 200th!

    1. Assallam pakcik, nice to 'meet' you here again :) In my opinion, what is more important (if not the most important) is delivery in the lesson. A good teacher must be able give clear instructions and to explain concepts clearly. I have observed many a teacher who teach like a 'pro', jumping ever so quickly to the next step in a lesson when the previous step has not been understood by the students! Modules are not totally useless but over-dependence on them will numb a teacher's creativity. There are some very good modules but most are rehashed materials infringing copyright laws! It is indeed regretful that state of education is at its lowest now but the times have changed too. We are so diversified that the mainstream (core) has weakened. Let's pray it doesn't go downhill from here.

  2. Slm madam how to buy this book?

    The Cute Teacher

    1. Wassallam cute teacher,
      Am afraid it's not for sale. If you have friends in Johor, you may be able to get them to help you because sets of the book were sent to some schools in Johor.


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