1.  MOE Scholarship, Southend College of Education, Essex, UK  (1980-1981)
2.  MOE Scholarship, University of Hertfordshire, UK (1981-1985)
3.  MOE/World Bank Scholarship, University of Birmingham, UK (1997-1998)
4.  Excellent Service Award (SSB), Scholarship Division, MOE  (1998)
5.  Certificate for TOT Course, Malaysian Trainer Development Programme 
     (MTD) Teacher Division, MOE (1998-2001)
6.  Excellence Award for Best Panel (SPM), SM Sains Johor, Kluang (2003)
7.  Excellent Panel Award, Residential Schools, Southern Zone, (English for Science
                 and Technology), MOE (2004)
8.  Excellent Panel Award (TOP 10 Residential Schools) English for Science and Technology   
     (second place national level) (2006)
10.  Chief Examiner, English for Science and Technology, Malaysian Examinations   
       Syndicate (2004, 2005, 2006)
11.  Excellence Award for Best SPM Results (English for Science and Technology) (2005)
12.  Innovative Teacher Award, Kluang District (2006)
13.  Excellence Award (Cocurricular), SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang (2007)
14.  Innovative Teacher Award, Kluang District (2008)
15.  Excellent Teacher Award (Action Research), SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang (2008)
17.  First Place, Action Research Award, District Level (2008)
18.  First Place. Action Research Award, State Level (2009)
19.  Innovative Teacher Award, Kluang District (2009)
20.  Innovative Teacher Award, State Level (2009)
21.  Master Teacher of the Year 2009, Kluang District, Majlis Guru Cemerlang Daerah Kluang
22.  Certificate of Appreciation, Literature Component Forms 1 and 4 Module-building,  
       Curriculum, KPM (28 Sept- 1 Oct 2009)
23.  Dr Basil Wijasuriya Award for 'Best Teacher Presenter', 18th MELTA International 
       Conference (2009)
24.  Quality Award, Innovation Programme (Teacher Category), PPD Kluang (2009)
25.  Quality Awards (Innovative Programme), Kluang District Education Office (2010)
26.  Certificate of Innovation “A Piece of Cake: Reinforcing the understanding of Idioms
       via TISS (Teacher -generated Interactive Idioms Software”, (Serial Number:   
       SJKQ/HI/F/SM/09- 006) (2010)
27.  Excellent Service Award, MOE (2010)
28.  First Place, Action Research Award, District Level (2011)
29.  Certificate of appreciation NKRA Lab on Teacher Quality, Professional Learning
       Communities: Lesson Study, Teacher Education Division, MOE (2011)
30.  Dr. Basil Wijasuria Award (silver), 21st MELTA International Conference, (2012)
31.  Innovative Teacher Award, Kluang District (2012)
32.  First Place, Innovation Competition, Kluang District (2012)
33.  Icon Teacher Award, Kluang District (2013)
34.  Excellent Teacher Award, Johor English Language Conference (JELTA) (2013)
35.  Certificate of Appreciation, Literature Component Proofreading Meeting, Textbook  
       Division, MOE: Chairperson (2011-2015)
36.  SPM English Language Award, SM Sains Sembrong, Kluang, Johor (2015)
37.  Panel for Form 1 English Textbook, KSSM, Textbook Division, MOE (2016)

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