Literature Resources

DOWNLOADS (courtesy CDC, MOE )

Form 1

The River ppt
Poetry Module pdf
Flipping Fantastic pdf
Black Beauty ppt
Mr Nobody ppt 

Form 2
One is One and All Alone Module doc

Rumplestiltskin Module doc
Heir Conditioning Module doc

Graphic Novel
What is a graphic novel? ppt
Boscombe Valley ppt
Journey to the Center of the Earth ppt
Boscombe Valley Mystery Module doc
Journey to the Center of the Earth doc
Black Beauty Module doc
Black Beauty ppt

Form 3
Around the World in 80 Days (Module) pdf
The Railway Children (Module) Ms word

Form 4 

Introduction to Drama ppt
Drama ppt
Gulp and Gasp pdf
He had Such Quiet Eyes ppt
The Fruitcake Special ppt 
The Fruitcake Special (module word doc)
QWERTYUIOP (module word doc)

Form 5
The Curse Module doc
Catch Us If You Can Module doc
Step by Wicked Step doc
Nature Module doc
Are You Still Playing The Flute Module doc



  1. Hi,
    I am really thankful that I found your site through Fazleen's blog. Your materials have been helpful for my friends and I since we would be teaching this new component for the first time. Keep up the good work!

  2. hi julue,
    welcome to my blog. tx for the encouragement and happy teaching :)

    1. salam. prescribing your blog to all my students n frenzs. tqsm. mgbu.

    2. Wassallam malaysiana. I hope it'helpful ;)

  3. Tq cikgu. May Allah bless you.

  4. Hello Pn Rahmah,
    I'm teaching in Pasir Gudang district.i have visited your blog many times and would like to tell you what a great job you have done! Congrats!I only wish I had the same level of energy you have to make your blog such an interesting and informative site to read. Keep up the good work!Thanks for sharing all the ideas.i have to admit i haven't had time to go through all of them yet but i will certainly try to apply them in my classes.Thks again.

  5. hello anonymous,
    thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. i certainly hope i can keep it going too :) btw, i may be in pasir gudang in april to conduct a course in action research. catch u there!

  6. Hi,
    I just came across your blog. Love your blog and I have just created my blog. I'm still learning to create a blog as informative as yours. I have created a blog early this year but it seems that no one response or comment my blog. Wonder if I have done it correctly. Keep up the good work.

  7. hi norfarhana,
    welcome to my blog and congrats for having created ur own blog. maybe u need to relook the topics u post about? Best!

  8. dear pn. rahmah
    i really appreciate your blog, it's been very helpful to teachers like me, hope one day i can be like you, or perhaps a faint shadow of someone like you

  9. hi anonymous,
    thanks very much. ur very kind and too humble :) welcome to my blog

  10. Thanks for sharing, Tr Rahmah. May I ask whether you have the module of 'I Wonder'? I'm looking for teaching material for the poem.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. hi anonymous,
    sorry i don't have any modules on the poem

  12. hello mdm.rahmah... i was lucky enough to came across your blog... it is indeed very mush informative and hands on.... as im still a trainee teacher, i hope to utilize the information here and put it to good use..and hopefully, one day could become a good and dedicated English teacher just like you....

  13. dear mahen,
    i hope they are useful. thanks for ur visit

  14. Hi cikgu Rahmah,
    I'm going back to teaching after a 3 years break. i am a freelance tutor. during the break, i lost touch with the ever changing syllabus and exam paper format. so, i started learning again to refresh my knowledge. During these past week i have done some research then i stumbled upon your blog. thank you for sharing your knowledge with us teachers/tutors. For now, i need lots of info to go back to teaching. Your blog offers a lot, especially the literature component for PMR and SPM. Well done cikgu...

  15. dear yogesh,
    you're welcome. i'm merely connecting you to the materials produced by CDC :) These materials should be in schools by now. Best!

  16. Salam Puan Rahmah. I discovered your blog some time ago and I thank you for sharing with us all the materials and also your experience in the teaching profession.

    I'd like to ask if you happen to have the modules for F3 texts (ie : 'A Fighter's Lines' and 'Leisure' plus the novels). We have yet to get the modules here.

    Thank you once again.

  17. wassallam liza,
    thanks for following my blog. i hope it is useful. i too have not received the modules. however, i do have 'journey to the centre of the earth' and will upload as soon as time permits :) have a productive day!

  18. my question is where can i get a copy of the railway children textbook? i'm frm sarawak and we are reading around the world in 80 days. i heard railway children is a bit easier so i want to try that. pls help

    1. hi anonymous,
      i agree that 'the railway children' is easier to teach. jules verne is interesting but there are too many settings and my students will find it hard to remember the events. 'the railway children' is a classic example of a good story with a neat introduction, development and conclusion. i just got a copy from a friend who went home for the holidays in perak during the semester break. it costs rm 3.90. i was told that the local bookshop in kluang already has copies. if you have a friend from perak or other states where this book is used, u can always ask them to post. all the best!

  19. Salam....i'm an english teacher from seremban...thanks for sharing...really appreciated it....

    1. dear anonymous,
      you are welcome :)

  20. cikgu,you're great!

  21. dear anonymous,
    thanks. what i'm doing is just connecting you to the available resources :)

  22. thank you so much for the great help...this help me a lot..

  23. Dear Madam,
    Your blog is indeed very helpful and informative not only for myself as an English educator but also for my students.
    Thanks a million for all the effort.
    By the way, is it possible for you to come to my school (SMK Padang Temu Melaka) for Program Kecemerlangan SPM 2013.
    I really hope and wish that you be able to come and help those poor kids of mine.
    Madam Ong.
    0166607781 or

    1. thanks madam ong. we spoke over the phone the other day ya..

  24. dear cikgu, your notes are very well-written and detailed and have been useful to me. I'm looking forward to score full 15 marks for my literature essay, and lastly, a big thanks to you :D

  25. teacher, do you have the module for form 4 short stories, the fruitcake special and qwertyuiop?

    1. hi cekgu nana, i've uploaded the materials.

  26. Help! Isn't there anything for the form 2 literature component 2016? Its ALL new.. i am lost..

  27. Hi Madam Rahmah, will there be any changes in the format and marking scheme of SPM novel questions alongside the introduction of new Form 5 novels this year? Thank you :)


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